In 2008, we launched our car sharing business, Connect by Hertz, in London, New York City and Paris. Connect provides urban drivers with environmentally friendly cars parked at convenient locations for hourly rentals. Hertz leap-frogged the competition with in-car technology to speed the rental process. Once the on-line booking process is completed and the rental commences, the customer is instantly connected to a Hertz service center representative who can assist with every aspect of the rental and provide directions and other services. Every Connect vehicle in the U.S. comes equipped with a NeverLost navigation system, and most are equipped with iPod/MP3 adaptors and Bluetooth technology.

Every car sharing vehicle has the potential to eliminate the need for up to 14 privately owned vehicles in urban markets, providing an economically and environmentally sensible alternative to vehicle ownership. Choosing to share rather than own a car eliminates the need for expensive parking, gas, insurance and maintenance/repair costs.

We have already expanded in 6 countries, adding more than fifty universities and corporate campuses worldwide. Because our technology and fleet are fully scalable, we will rapidly expand Connect to many more U.S. and European cities, universities and corporate customers. In October 2010 Hertz signed an agreement to acquire the Australian car sharing company, Flexicar. This is a statement to how dedicated we are to expansion, innovation and bringing Connect by Hertz to people all around the world.

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