To Boldly Go…..

Pardon the split infinitive, but today’s upgrade of the Commute Solutions site is epic and charts new territory for our program. (No, we will not be issuing jet-packs, sorry.) Our new trip-planning, ride-matching feature goes live today. The “myCommuteSolutions” icon appears on the upper right side of each page. We’ve made it pink so you can’t miss it! Please click the icon and explore.

It’s easy to register; give it a go. You can use it to plan your trip (bike, bus, walk), check real-time traffic, or to find  someone with whom to share a ride. It’s  a very newfangled approach to the old-fashioned carpool!

Log your rides and you’ll be eligible for prize drawings. (We’re plotting some great ones, so don’t miss out!)

In the next few blogs we’ll be showing off the neat tricks “myCommuteSolutions” can do, so stay tuned.


Happy Trails

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