May Bike Month Commuter Contest Winner Spotlight

Congrats to one of our Bike Month Commuter Contest winners, Robert! Here is what he had to say and we are pretty impressed that he rides about 4,000 miles each year.

“I’ve been commuting almost exclusively by bicycle for 5-6 years, mostly on my cheap fixed-gear track bike. My commute is 9 miles each way, so I ride approximately 4,000 miles each year to / from work. In addition to the fitness and financial benefits, I truly enjoy the intangibles such as the friendly interactions with the city that you can only get when you’re not closed up in a 2,000-pound steel box on wheels. I get to say hello to neighbors and other commuters and recently even had the opportunity to hop off my bike to help an elderly lady who had fallen.”

Robert T. 2015 Bike Month


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