May Bike Month Commuter Contest Winner Spotlight

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Congrats to one of our Bike Month Commuter Contest winners, Robert! Here is what he had to say and we are pretty impressed that he rides about 4,000 miles each year.

“I’ve been commuting almost exclusively by bicycle for 5-6 years, mostly on my cheap fixed-gear track bike. My commute is 9 miles each way, so I ride approximately 4,000 miles each year to / from work. In addition to the fitness and financial benefits, I truly enjoy the intangibles such as the friendly interactions with the city that you can only get when you’re not closed up in a 2,000-pound steel box on wheels. I get to say hello to neighbors and other commuters and recently even had the opportunity to hop off my bike to help an elderly lady who had fallen.”

Robert T. 2015 Bike Month



April Commuter Contest Winner Spotlight

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Congrats to one of our April Commuter Contest transit winners, William! His enthusiasm will inspire you to try your own commute solution! He takes the train downtown, then rides his folding bike to work. Here are a few words from William about his multimodal commute to his job.

“The main reason I love my commute to work is it allows me to live where I want to live, and I can work on South Congress at a job that I love. If not for the rail I would probably have to work near home at a job that I would not enjoy. Another plus is that I get meet other people from all over and make some friends who told me to register for Commute Solutions and maybe win a prize and I did – I love Austin.”

William - Transit



The Commute Solutions Commuter Contest!

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 Join the Commute Solutions Commuter Contest
April 1 -24, 2015

April is the beginning of ozone season and you can do your share to spare the air. This is a great time to try an alternate commute such as riding the bus, taking the train, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, biking, or teleworking. You can save money, help keep our air cleaner, and have a chance to win great prizes while participating in the Commute Solutions Commuter Contest!

The Commuter Contest runs from April 1 through April 24. All you need to do is log your bicycling, walking, transit, teleworking, vanpooling and/or carpooling trips to be entered for a chance to win. When you log your trips, you can track money and fuel saved, calories burned, and pollution reduced. Prizes include a Fitbit, iPod Nano, and a Kindle Fire. To join the contest, go to the myCommuteSolutions website, register, and keep a daily log of your alternate commutes. Existing myCommuteSolutions users will just need to sign in and log your commute. It’s free and it’s easy. Please visit, and click on “Incentives – Contests” for more information on details and prizes.

April 2015 Contest Graphic



The Commute Solutions Annual Report

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Commute Solutions Logo transparent - 2011

 The Commute Solutions Annual Report is out!  To see more, click  here.


Happy New Year from Commute Solutions!

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Commute Solutions would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! We welcome you to visit our “Commuter Resources” page to explore the alternative transportation options that are available to our region. Happy Commuting!

2015 FB Cover Photo



EPA Proposes Strengthening the National Ozone Standards

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Submitted by Cari Buetow, Environmental Program Coordinator with the City Of Austin,
Austin Transportation Department

On November 26, 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its proposal to strengthen the air quality standards to within a range of 65 to 70 parts per billion (ppb) to better protect Americans’ health and the environment. The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to review the standards every five years. The EPA last updated the ozone standards in 2008 and set the standards at 75 ppb; the agency is required by the Clean Air Act to review the standards every five years.

In the most recent review, EPA scientists examined numerous scientific studies, including more than 1,000 new studies published since the last update. Studies indicate that exposure to ozone at levels below 75 ppb can pose serious threats to public health, such as, causing or aggravating asthma and other lung diseases, and ozone has been found to be linked to premature death from respiratory and cardiovascular causes. Also, new studies add to the evidence showing that repeated exposure to ozone stunts the growth of trees, damages plants, and reduces crop yields.

While ozone levels in the Central Texas continue to improve, progress may not occur quickly enough to remain in compliance under the proposed standards.  It is expected that the EPA will issue final ozone standards by October 1, 2015.  If EPA sets the new ozone standards at the lowest end of its proposed range –65 ppb – current projections indicate that continuing to strengthen the region’s emission reduction program will be necessary to stay in attainment. If EPA designates Central Texas “nonattainment” for ground-level ozone, which might occur by October 2017, there could be significant economic impacts for the region. New regulations could restrict industrial expansion, delay funding for roadway construction, and increase the cost of doing business throughout the region. The regulatory consequences of a nonattainment designation could last for 25-40 years.


Commute Solutions Celebrates Heroic Alternative Commuters

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CS Event - Small Logo

On Friday, October 31, Commute Solutions celebrated heroic alternative commuters with food, fun, and music at Austin City Hall.

With traffic, congestion, and our population on the rise in central Texas, the event featured a transportation fair to help people find ways to navigate their commuting options. The Austin Police Department, B-Cycle, Carma, Capital Metro, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), City of Austin, Mobility 35, RideScout, TxDOT, and others were on hand to answer questions and provide information.

Guest speakers included Mr. Ashby Johnson, Executive Director of the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO), and Mr. Joe Wilzbacher, Manager of Sustainability with Samsung Austin Semiconductor, which has implemented their own commuter program with Commute Solutions. In addition, the program recognized the City of Austin, Travis County, Austin Community College, and Samsung Austin Semiconductor that received the Employee Champion Award for their commitment and effort in supporting commuter options. They are also actively using myCommuteSolutions as a commuter tool.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the celebration and happy commuting!






Capture Your Commute Winners!

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Commute Solutions wants to congratulate the winners of our Capture Your Commute contest and we received a lot of great photo entries of alternative commutes.

Meet our first Capture Your Commute winner, Greg! He enjoys his multimodal commute to work and combines bike and rail. Greg told us that “Biking to the MetroRail is close to the ultimate in a stress-free commute. A few minutes of exercise combined with a smooth, fast ride on the rail makes work trips fun and easy. Taking MetroRail to work meetings gives me a chance to think about project needs instead of other drivers, so I can focus on what’s important.”



Our second Capture Your Commute winner, Kimberly, is part of a carpool group from Capital Metro. This group of four carpoolers (one not pictured) call themselves The Breakfast Club because they work out together and carpool together! They have become good friends and the commute together is something they look forward to. They have lost weight (over 250 pounds between them!), saved money and are stress free!



One Man’s Commute

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By David Sullivan

dave on his bike

Sure, lots of folks travel by one or two modes each day, such as by walking to the garage and driving the riding mower to work, then walking from the parking lot to one’s desk. Or, as is more common, by biking to the bus, taking bus to a point near one’s destination, then then biking the rest of the way to the coffee shop. Personally, I often bike 3 miles to a parking garage where I lock up the bike, then walk two blocks to a bus stop, take bus to a point near my office, then walk the balance of the trip, then reverse the routine in the late afternoon headed home. An alternative is to bike two miles to a train stop, lock up the bike in a nearby parking garage, take the train to a point a mile from my office, then walk or bus that last mile. If I do take the train, I usually do bike-train-walk in the morning but bus-train-bike in the evening, for a four mode day. On a recent day, however, I had a couple of non-routine duties – an offsite business meeting and an after-work non-profit board meeting. So here is how I hit the half-dozen mark for one day travel modes, leaving out short walking trips:

– biked to the parking garage (mode 1),
– rode bus to the office (mode 2),
– rode bus to a point 1 mile from the business meeting (more mode 2),
– walked one mile to the meeting location (mode 3),

After the meeting it was late afternoon, and someone from the business meeting was headed home — in the direction back to my office — and offered me a ride so I

– carpooled 4 miles from meeting to office (mode 4)

I remained at work for another hour, then

– rode bus to Kramer train station (mode 2 again),
– rode train to Highland station for non-profit board meeting (mode 5),
– drove nearby Car2Go back to the parking garage where my bike was parked (mode 6)
– biked home (mode 1 again)

Some might look at my within-city travel on this day and imagine that I wasted lots of time by not just driving for all of my trips. Yes, I admit that doing so would have taken less time. But to me the only time I wasted was my “mode 6” single-occupant driving trip. When I biked and walked, I enjoyed fresh air, the natural environment, and exercise. When I rode the bus, I read the newspaper and a novel. I would have done the same on the train, but a friend was aboard so we chatted about civic issues. Earlier in the car-pool the driver and I had discussed business. So all in all, time periods spent at my normal day job, my off site meetings, and the majority of my travel were all fruitful.

David has been regularly biking, running, and walking for commuting (along with vanpooling, bus & train riding) since 1988. Soon after he got married he sold his car, so they have been a one car family since 1994, with two drivers putting less than 6,000 miles total per year on the odometer. As a result they have saved tens of thousands of dollars on new car purchases, fuel, maintenance, insurance over almost 20 years. Now aged 55,  David typically bikes three miles in the morning, locks up his bike in a parking garage, and take a bus the rest of the way to work. From time to time he bikes 10 miles the whole way, or use the bike & train. He gets exercise on the bike, and reads on the bus – no time wasted. After work he oftens bike to evening events around town. Perspiration is not a problem, as he carries a change of clothes in his pannier, and “shower” with a witch-hazel body spray. He guestimates his bike commutes are 40 to 100 miles per week year around (other exercise comes from running & walking). 


June is Reading & Riding Month with Commute Solutions and You Could Win a Kindle!

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Summer is here! Well, not officially until June 21st, but it sure does feel like it! School is out, the weather is hot and ozone season is in full swing. Instead of driving alone why not grab a good book and try a carpool, vanpool, or ride the bus or train? You can expand your imagination while helping to keep our air clean. 

Want to read & ride in style and a chance to win a Kindle? Just log your carpool, vanpool, and/or transit trip in myCommuteSolutions from June 3 – 28 and you will be entered. Through myCommuteSolutions you can look for a carpool buddy, plan a transit trip, and log your commute. By logging your commute, users can see fuel saved, calories burned, and emissions reduced.

You can learn more about carpool, vanpool, and transit options in our region by visiting Commute Solutions.