Kids & Parents

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • There is always a traffic jam getting in and out of my child’s school parking lot.
  • I worry about the safety of my kids getting to and from school, in general.
  • There are a lot of fumes from idling cars in the parking lot. I wonder if it’s dangerous to my child’s developing lungs.
  • I sure wish I could save some time and gas in the morning by not having to drive my kids to and from school before and after work.

Want to fix these problems? Check out these options below available to you!

Yellow School Bus

Use what’s already out there! The School Bus! If you live over 2 miles away from your school, you can ride the bus! Take advantage of this safe, available option. Avoid driving kids to school entirely! For more information on school buses at Austin ISD schools, check here.


Kids can carpool too! Get matched with parents who can share the driving or associated driving costs to get a group of kids to and from school. Visit the Carpool section of this site to get started.

The Walking School Bus

Kids can walk together to school! Parents can volunteer to be “bus drivers” (walking escorts). For information on walking safety.

Bike Buddies

Biking with buddies is fun! This is fun and healthy way for kids who live nearby to go to and from school.

Capital MetroRail Safety

With 42 public schools within a mile of the MetroRail line, Capital Metro has a rail safety page for both kids and adults. You can also visit the Kid’s Rail Safety Page for more information.


Safe Routes to School

Is always full of helpful hints and instructions for how to make getting to school safer and easier for those kids lucky enough to live withing biking/walking distance. Check it out, and maybe jam a little to this song all about walking. (warning, it’s catchy!)