Guaranteed Ride Home

One of the obstacles that prevents people from using alternatives to their own car is the question: “What if I have an emergency? How will I get home?”

This is a widely-acknowledged concern that has been taken into consideration by many of the folks who want to encourage you to use the alternatives at your fingertips.

Personal Emergencies

Capital Metro offers reimbursement for emergency taxi service to all Metro Rail, Metro Flyer Metro Express, and Metro RideShare customers anywhere in the service area. For a very small membership fee, qualified commuters are eligible for up to four emergency taxi rides per year. Think of it as “commuter insurance”!

The University of Texas automatically enrolls all registered carpoolers in a Guaranteed Ride Home program that makes them eligible for 2 free taxi rides home per semester.

Intoxicated Drivers

A DUI can be costly, in every way imaginable. The relatively small expense of using a service to get home is but a drop in the bucket. If you don’t have a designated driver, please consider one of these options to get home safely:

In Austin:

AAA offers TipsyTow, a free ride and a vehicle tow up to three miles, on New Years Eve and Fourth of July. 1800.AAA.HELP (222.4357)

Tipsy Taxi will drive you and your car home! $5.00 for pick-up and $3.00 per mile. 512.848.4553

Austin Cab Company 512.478.2222
Lone Star Cab 512.836.4900
Yellow Cab Austin 512.452.9999

Bastrop County:

Airport Shuttle Economy Ride and Taxi—  Bastrop, TX  512. 303.5505 ‎

Travis County (outside Austin):

Lakeway Taxi Spicewood and Lakeway, TX  512.369-2225
Sky Taxi and Delivery Service Marble Falls, TX 830.637.0524 ‎

Williamson County:

A Cheap Ride Taxi & Airport Transportation Williamson County, TX 512-310-8000 or 1-877-410-TAXI
Metro Xpress Taxi Round Rock, TX 512.751.2535 ‎