“A commuter tie-up consists of you – and people who for some reason won’t use public transit.”
-Robert Brault

Ever wish someone else would just do the driving? Always say, “We should really get together,” to your coworkers, but never do? How ’bout killing two birds with one stone, and trying out a vanpool?


Traditionally, five or more people share a vanpool. This can greatly cut down commute costs and stress. Some employers may offer vans within their own fleets for employee vanpools, which would benefit employees by saving commute costs.

Capital Metro RideShare Program

Take advantage of a smarter commute option!  Save time and money with an easy and convenient way to get to work  with the Capital Metro RideShare program.

The program provides eligible groups of 5-12 people with a month-to-month vanpool lease agreement including insurance, maintenance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and optional fuel purchasing program.

Vanpool fares vary and is based on vehicle type, commute distance, group size and fuel and tolls.  The monthly cost is shared by the number of riders.  The Metro RideShare program provides groups with a monthly subsidy towards the vanpool lease.  Vanpool groups must have an origin and/or destination in the Capital Metro service area.

Visit www.capmetro.org/rideshare or call 512-477-RIDE (7433) to create or join a vanpool.

Enterprise Rideshare

Reliability and quality vehicles make commuting a breeze.

When you choose Enterprise Rideshare, you’ll experience the same Enterprise Rent-A-Car Customer Service that has made us a national leader.

They transport more than 25,000 riders a day in our vanpools. Enterprise Rideshare Division is a natural extension of the local car rental service that Enterprise pioneered and continues to provide. The program is supported by the extensive Enterprise Rent-A-Car neighborhood network of more than 5,500 rental offices located within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population.

As part of the full-service vanpool package, you’ll get a late-model, well-equipped vehicle for maximum comfort, plus comprehensive maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance, as well as access to their Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Contact Enterprise by calling 800 VAN-4-WORK, and they can answer any questions you may have about the benefits of vanpooling with Enterprise Rideshare.