Read on, transit riders

Here at Commute Solutions we’re calling June “Read & Ride Month.” It’s a reminder that we can get started on our summer reading lists while letting someone else do the driving.

(Reader, I am in the midst of rediscovering Jane Eyre one bus ride at a time!)

Trains, planes and buses have a long tradition of doubling as mobile reading rooms. I remember my father’s newspaper, always folded just so for the train ride. And I never leave the house without a book for the journey.

Capital Metro makes your commute-time browsing extra convenient by offering free Wi-Fi on Metro Rail. And if you are worried about getting lost in a book and missing your stop, try Travalert. It’s a GPS alarm system that let’s you know when your stop is coming up. Take a look here.

Whether you pack a paperback or keep your Kindle at the ready, we invite you to read while you enjoy the ride this month. Let us know how your summer reading list is coming along.

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