Tired of Driving Alone in Your Car? Exlpore myCommuteSolutions!

I remember in 2001 when gas was about $1.00 a gallon and I am pretty sure that I forgot to embrace that moment.  Fast forward to today and it seems as though there is no end in sight to the increasing cost of gas prices.  Our streets have become even more crowded with the hustle and bustle of life, not to mention the continued growth in our region.  What should you do? Try carpooling, transit or find a new bike route?  At times, it may be hard to navigate the options or know where to start.

Despite the rise and fall of gas prices, Commute Solutions has been there to serve as a resource.  Now, we want to provide you the tool to find a carpool buddy or plan a transit trip.  The myCommuteSolutions site is a regional ridematching and trip-planning system to help you get started.  In addition to ridematching, the site shows transit routes with specific time and bus number information; bike routes; current traffic conditions; and a “single-trip finder,” which is ideal for the occasional ride or a carpool to a conference or event.  The myCommuteSolutions site has an easy tracking system through the commute calendar, which also enables you to follow your cost savings, calories burned, fuel saved and pollution reduction.

The myCommuteSolutions site offers something for both individuals and employers.  A key feature is the ability to offer employers a custom subsite at no cost.  With this, you can offer your employees an in-house ridematching and trip-planning site that is branded with the look and feel of your company and is available exclusively to your employees.  Employers can manage incentives, collect data and promote the program to suit their needs. That means fun contests to celebrate Earth Day or Bike Month!  You decide what works best for your employees.

There are lots of options for you!  Get started today and click the pink “myCommuteSolutions” icon on the top of this page!

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