Commute Clean in 2013


What will your commute solution resolution be?  Will you try out a new bike route or take the bus this year?  When you look through the list of the top resolutions, I can assure you that the list doesn’t include carpooling and taking transit, but it does include getting  fit, managing stress, and saving money.  Finding your own commute solution can help you reach those goals!

1. Walking – It isn’t just for New Yorkers.  Walking keeps you moving and does the body good!  Visit Walk Score to discover places that are “just a short walk” from your home or work.  Incorporating just 30 minutes of exercise each day can get your year started off on the right foot!

2. Transit – Ever wish you didn’t have to waste so much time in traffic?  What if there was a way that you could just kick back and read a magazine, sip your coffee, and let someone else do the driving? There is!  There are a number of transit options available for our region. Check out Capital Metro, CARTS, and the Texas State Bobcat Tram to see what destinations await you!

3. Carpooling/Vanpooling – Share the ride and save money!  It’s very simple, you only need one or more passengers to create a carpool and traditionally, six or more people will share a vanpool.  This option will help you cut down on commute cost and stress.  Looking for a carpool buddy? Check out myCommuteSolutions, which is our carpool matching and trip-planning tool.  You can search for bike routes, discover transit routes and log your commute.  The site also has an easy tracking system through the commute calendar, which enables you to follow your cost savings, calories burned, fuel saved and pollution reduction.

4. Bicycling –What could be better?  Bicycling gives you freedom from the gas pump, spares you the hassle of parking, and lets you burn calories while riding to your destination.  This green resolution will keep you on the right track all year long!

5. Teleworking – Technology jump started this commute solution back in the 1970s and continues to benefit employers, employees, and the community!  It can help to reduce traffic congestion, energy use, and save travel time.

6. Car-Lite Living – With car sharing programs, it’s possible to have your cake and eat it too! Car-lite living means taking the bus and train, riding a bicycle, and even walking for most day-to-day activities; on days when a car is necessary, using a service for short term rental takes the place of car ownership.

7. Combine Errands – Map it out!  With a little bit of planning you can save time, gas, and money.  It’s that easy.

8. Alternative Work Schedules – Flextime, compressed work weeks, and staggered shifts comprise the three different strategies.   These schedules can reduce congestion, offer more flexibility, and increase morale. The program works best with established guidelines, so get the conversation started in your workplace.

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