Capture Your Commute Winners!

Commute Solutions wants to congratulate the winners of our Capture Your Commute contest and we received a lot of great photo entries of alternative commutes.

Meet our first Capture Your Commute winner, Greg! He enjoys his multimodal commute to work and combines bike and rail. Greg told us that “Biking to the MetroRail is close to the ultimate in a stress-free commute. A few minutes of exercise combined with a smooth, fast ride on the rail makes work trips fun and easy. Taking MetroRail to work meetings gives me a chance to think about project needs instead of other drivers, so I can focus on what’s important.”



Our second Capture Your Commute winner, Kimberly, is part of a carpool group from Capital Metro. This group of four carpoolers (one not pictured) call themselves The Breakfast Club because they work out together and carpool together! They have become good friends and the commute together is something they look forward to. They have lost weight (over 250 pounds between them!), saved money and are stress free!


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