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Governors Highway Safety Association- “Everyone Walks. Understanding & Addressing Pedestrian Safety

Center for Sustainable Development- “Identifying Transit Deserts in Texas Cities – The Gap Between Supply and Demand

septiembre 2013

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials- “Commuting in America 2013: The National Report on Commuting Patterns and Trends

agosto 2013

Texas A&M Transportation Institute- Mobility Investment Priorities Project: Long Term Central Texas IH 35 Improvement Scenarios.

enero 2013

Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Policy Analysis, Research & Innovation- “Case Studies of Transportation Investment to Identify the Impacts on the Local and State Economy

diciembre 2012

Texas A&M Transportation Institute- TTI’s 2012 Urban Mobility Report

noviembre 2012

Federal Highway Administration-  Casual Carpooling Scan Report

julio/agosto 2012

Federal Highway Administration-  Walking and Bicycling Pay Off

abril 2012

Frontier Group and U.S. PIRG Education Fund – “Transportation and the New Generation – Why Young People Are Driving Less and What It Means for Transportation Policy”

junio 2011

American Public Transportation Association- “Potential Impact of Gasoline Price Increases on U.S. Public Transportation Ridership, 2011 – 2012”

abril 2011

Victoria Transport Policy Institute- Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Encyclopedia

julio 2010

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC) Compendio de Casos Prácticos